Monday, October 30, 2006

Oogaboo Rendezvous

We forgot to mention that we had an Oogaboo Rendezvous on Saturday. It was moderately attended, 14 people and a cat. We had a quiz, a good discussion of favorite Oz moments, a wonderful potluck, and even some costumes.

Oogaboo Rendezvous are the approximately quarterly meetings of the Northwest group of Oz fans. Meetings are generally hosted by different members at their own homes. They are open to any Oz fans who want to show up, but we generally like having a bit of advance warning when new members are coming (so we can warn them about the Oogaboos, too).

The next Oogaboo Rendezvous is New Y'Oz, and will be hosted by Eric and I at Eric's parents' house in Seattle. If you live in the NW or will be in the area at the end of December, please feel free to drop me a line for more information.

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