Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My latest Oz acquisitions, part 2 (or maybe 3, I lost count)

Well, the rest of the Oz stuff from my latest order came in, so let me just wrap things up with the list. It's pretty diverse, and not particularly Ozzy at first glance. But trust me, I got all of these for their Oz content.

  • Classic Fantasy Writers by Harold bloom. The first chapter is devoted to Baum. Since I've heard what a curmudgeon Bloom can be, I'm sort of dreading this, but I gather he at least holds Baum in some esteem. Of course, I won't stop there, and plan to read the whole book.
  • In a similar vein, I also got The Fantasy Tradition in American Literature: From Irving to Le Guin by Brian Attebery. Two of the chapters are "Oz" and "The Baum Tradition." Again, this should be an interesting Oz-and-Baum-in-the-bigger-context read.
  • The 2003 edition of The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus illustrated by Michael Hague. After a quick flip-through, it seems to be less lavishly illustrated than Hague's version of The Wizard of Oz, but charming nevertheless. Maybe I'll take some time at the holidays to take a closer look.
  • The latest edition (I think) of The Dictionary of Imaginary Places by Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi. I know they cover at least the first seven Oz books, and the map of Oz has locations from even more. Of course, there are also lots of other places, some I know (this version has Hogwart's, even, although there were only three Harry Potter books at the time), and some I'm looking forward to discovering more about. This will be a good "dipping" book, that I can flip through in small chunks whenever I feel like it.

Okay, that's it for now. Maybe I can get another big bunch of inexpensive gently used books with my next Amazon gift certificate.

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