Monday, May 22, 2006

New goodies from the Oz Club

I'll have more details later, but just to let everyone know, I got the 2006 Oz Club calendar the other day. Don't laugh! At least I get to use it for more than half the year this time. One year it didn't come out until October! (Hey, Oz Club! How about doing a two year calendar to get ahead?) Then today, here comes The Baum Bugle. Yes, the Winter 2005 issue arrived. Don't laugh again! This has been pretty much par for the course for Bugle pulication for at least the last twenty years. We just read it when we get it. And this may take a while, as it's a whopping sixty pages long! (I remember some issues that had to push to make it to twenty pages.) And this issue includes my review ofThe Muppets' Wizard of Oz, which in hindsight I'm afraid may have ended up focusing more on the Muppets than Oz. Well, more about it later, I guess.

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