Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just arrived: Oz: The Manga Epilogue #1

Hot on the heels of Dorothy #5 last week comes this week's Oz comic, Oz: The Manga Epilogue #1. (Er, shouldn't it just be Oz: The Manga #9? Then again, I know enough about the illogical ways comics get numbered to not be surprised.)

This is a nice wrap-up, where we see Dorothy telling Aunt Em and Uncle Henry about her recent adventures, which is a terrific framing device for writer/artist David Hutchison to show off some of the events from the book that got left out of the main series. So if you wanted to see his take on the origin of the Winged Monkeys, the China Country, or how the Cowardly Lion gained a forest to rule, you'll want this issue. (I really like his verisons of Gayelette and Quelala, two characters who are rarely shown at all, and here he gives them life and personality.) There's also a sketchbook, showing how some of the characters and locations developed. So what are you still reading this for? Go buy some issues — or wait for the collected trade paperback, if you must.

Okay, David Hutchison and Antarctic Press, let's get busy on Oz: The Manga, Volume 2: The Land of Oz, please? And hey, readers, while you're at it, take a look at Rod Espinoza's New Alice in Wonderland series. It's another authentic comic book adaptation of a classic children's book that I highly recommend.

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