Sunday, October 23, 2005

The inventory is, basically, done!

Wow, what a project. I started it at least eight years ago, possibly even longer, and I've had three different computers that I've used over that time, but now, for all intents and purposes, the inventory is done. In the last box, I found my very first Oz book -- the Rand McNally paperback edition of The Wizard of Oz, from the mid-70s, for those who were wondering, cover price $1.95 -- so I decided that that would be the last item I would inventory. I just put it in a few minutes ago. The final count? I have 792 Oz books, in fourteen boxes and a large bookcase (and a few very large items that can't fit anywhere else). Titles range from Abducted to Oz to The Zen of Oz, and writers range from Donald Abbott to Susan Zeder. I have books in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Welsh, and some with no words at all. It is, all in all, quite an accomplishment to not only have inventoried it, but to also have collected so many books in the first place, over more than thirty years.

Technically, I'm actually not quite done, as I still have quite a few books in my to-read pile, and as this inventory includes calendars, I'll be putting a few more in when I find where I stashed all the old calendars. But the stuff that was all packed away in boxes, at least, has been accounted for, and now at least I can find them if I need to, and can think about which ones to keep and which, if any, I can sell. Oh, yeah, and now that the book inventory is done, I still need to do separate inventories for magazines/comics/programs/etc., records/tapes/CDs/videotapes/DVDs/software, and probably one for toys/games/collectibles. But books? Yeah, that's covered, and since that's the bulk of my collection, I really feel like I've accomplished something.

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