Saturday, September 24, 2005

Oz Comic Review - Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #0

Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #0: We got the Preview when it came out, and based on the detail in that one we had no problem buying this.

It's clear that the writers know their Oz... although one major Ozian fact is overlooked in order to fit the concept of the book. That would be Dorothy's fate in the books. But that's been changed, as has the fate of Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, in order to fit into the main concept of Dorothy and Alice as college roommates.

There is a short preview story and a bunch of extras in this issue. The story is a preview that starts in Oz to set the scene of what is currently happening, then moves into the "real world", then to Wonderland. We don't actually see Dorothy in this issue, but we do get a glimpse of Jack Pumpkinhead, The Nome King and his General, Ozma, and a wicked witch.

The sketchbook gives a bit more detail on some of the characters, and there are six pages of script from the upcoming mini. A nice little book, but I wish the mini would start already!

For ongoing information about comic book series, check out the Wiki.

  • The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #0 - JUL05 2737 - $2.99

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