Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Gigantic Inventory of Oz

Over the past several years, I've slowly been working on inventorying my Oz collection. I'm doing it for a number of reasons, primarily so that I'll have a record for insurance purposes, but it also looks like it may come in handy soon to see what I need to weed out. Yes, I have an awful lot of books, and I know I have a few...well, not exactly duplicates, but some redundant versions of essentially the same stuff. (Do I really need three different editions of The Wizard of Oz illustrated by Evelyn Copleman, for example?) Anyway, with work going slow lately, I've decided to really put on a big push to get it finished. I've got a little ways to go still -- there are still two boxes and a couple of short stacks to go through -- but the end is near. The amazing thing? I have over seven hundred books inventoried already! When I started, I suspected I'd have around five hundred, so this is pretty incredible. I may have close to eight hundred by the time I'm done. I'll let you know what happens. Then after that, I also want to put together databases for magazines, records/tapes/CDs/videos/DVDs, and toys/games/puzzles/dolls. That should cover most of what I own.

And now for something completely different: Do you want a shirt that says "I ♥ OZ"? Go to and you can custom order one. Or you can profess your love for just about anything else there. A student had one yeaterday that said "I ♥ Jerks (or so it would seem)" and caught the address on her sleeve. No, I'm not making any money off these, I just thought I'd share the info with you in case you want one.

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