Friday, July 15, 2005

New DVDs of The Movie coming this fall

I just posted the news about the new DVD releases of The Movie on my website's news page (which you can take a look at by clicking here -- scroll down to July 11 if you're reading this after I've added new news -- you can't miss it, it's dominated by large versions of what may or may not be the cover art). I must say, I'm extremely impressed, and it all sounds extremely yummy. You know I'm going to get the three-disc set with all of the extra goodies. But I've got to wonder, where's the other silent Oz movie? Yup, they left one off! There was also a film version of The Patchwork Girl of Oz in 1914, yet it's not there. To be sure, maybe the press release I and every other news outlet took this from just left it off inadvertantly. But what if it's true? Why leave off Patchwork Girl but put on the awful 1925 veersion of The Wizard of Oz -- and newly restored, to boot? My suspicion is that there wasn't enough room on the disc, something had to go, and Patchwork Girl was considered to be the expendible one because of all the nitrate damage to the one known surviving copy. It's so bad, a crucial scene in the first reel is missing completely from every print I've ever seen.

Oh, well. If it truly isn't there, it can still be found on DVD for a very reasonable price as part of the new World of Oz set. If I need to, I'll get that to ensure having Patchwork Girl.

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